June 13, 2016

Ladies, it is time now to register for the opportunity to learn hands-on boating and trailer backing.  This educational and exciting all-day class will be held at Lighthouse Marina on Monday, June 13th.  The Lake Murray Association has partnered with the SC Department of Natural Resources, the Lake Murray Power Squadron, Columbia Power Sports and Lighthouse Marina to instruct ladies about all the elements of boating safety.  This is a ladies only event.  Husbands and boyfriends must stay at home.



Your DNR and Power Sports instructors are experienced and patient masters in watercraft operation.  You will pilot a boat in open water and bring it into the dock.  In addition, you will back a boat trailer down the ramp and into the water.  LMA representatives will provide lunch, refreshments, and assist in coordinating the daily activities.  It is recommended that you sign up early, as the 32 available slots fill up rapidly.




Ladies Day Registration Form