This update covers the one week period from January 6, 2104 through January 12, 2014.

Attached are graphs of PROVISIONAL DATA for the following parameters for the period of 1/5/14 through the morning of 1/13/14:

  • Saluda River discharge at the Chappells gauge (main tributary to Lake Murray),
  • Little River discharge at the Little River Near Silverstreet gauge (tributary to Lake Murray),
  • Bush River discharge at the Bush River Near Prosperity gauge (tributary to Lake Murray),
  • Little Saluda River near Saluda (tributary to Lake Murray),
  • Reservoir level at Lake Murray,
  • Saluda River discharge below Lake Murray Dam and
  • Saluda River DO below Lake Murray Dam.

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As can be seen from the attached graphs, inflow to Lake Murray was above normal this period due to rainfall and releases at Lake Greenwood.  Reservoir level began the period at about el. 354.01 ft. and ended the period at about el. 355.40 ft.  Saluda Hydro was utilized to meet downstream flow requirements and was available to meet system reserve requirements.  January 6 – 9 Saluda Hydro operated for system demand.

Indicated DO in the tailrace generally was in the range of about 10.0 – 11.4 mg/l.  As of December 2, 2013 the turbine vents on units 1 – 4 are closed 100%.

At this time, SCE&G has no plan to generate this week.  This is subject to change based on hydrologic and system conditions.

Going forward, SCE&G will operate Saluda Hydro to manage the reservoir level, while balancing inflow, municipal water withdrawals, and evaporation rate in the reservoir; and dissolved oxygen, agreed upon minimum flow, and agency or other requested discharges in the lower Saluda River; with system reserve and emergency generation requirements.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or if you have any problems with the attachment.

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SCE&G – Fossil/Hydro Technical Services

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